1. December 2015

The Battle of Legends – FC Barcelona vs Uganda Allstars

Historical football match featuring F.C. Barcelona Legends vs Uganda All Stars was played at Namboole Stadium in Kampala (Uganda).

Passion for football is huge in Uganda, like it is in the African continent. Nambolee Stadium lived a great celebration and saw how the local team defeated 5-3 to a combinate of F.C. Barcelona Legends. Supporters had the chance to witness a brilliant goal scored by Patrick Kluivert, he shot the ball from his own field and send it directly to the Ugandan net!

Besides the game, different activities were developed by F.C. Barcelona Legends with the objective of showing to the whole world the beauty of Uganda. They watched gorillas in Bwindi Forest and enjoyed incredible wildlife in Murchison Falls National Park. Our company managed to link sport and tourism. Through a sport event we promoted an unsual country for European inhabitants. Ugandan tourism experienced an increase of 30% in only one year after the football match. Not only football and sport were developed in Uganda, but also their tourism and local economy providing higher levels of wealth to the country.

Legends Game
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