18. March 2019

Surprise for Ivan Rakitic

Our company invited Mr. Dante Mortet, one of the best sculpture artist from Europe to La Masia to make something special: Golden foot of Ivan Rakitic, star midfielder of FC Barcelona. We will see the result very soon!!

This Roman craftsman, a sixth generation sculptor whose family began making chalices for the Pope 120 years ago, hand makes perfect reproductions of the world’s most prized trophies from his atmospheric workshop right in the heart of the Italian capital.

So from the old gods of Christianity to the new saints of sport and celebrity, when it comes to making something precious out of molten metal, this Dante’s Inferno is the real deal.

He’s shaken the hands of every celebrity you can think of from Quentin Tarantino, Robert De Niro and Angelica Houston to Kirk Douglas and Samuel L. Jackson – the list goes on.

But unlike the average fan, Dante Mortet has gone on to make bronze sculptures of those very hands, becoming one of the Hollywood elite’s favourite artists in the process.


FC Barcelona
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