RG Academies exist to train young footballers and local coaches, giving a European view and understanding of football.

RG Academies change the vision of football in a region or community, and this change starts instructing local coaches, who will continue the change and guide young players in the future.

Talent may be everywhere, but talent needs to be enlightened, influenced and most importantly, discovered. In RG Academies we discover, train and teach with motivation, towards kid’s minds and bodies.
Talent is the base of our confidence.

Transmitting educational values to young players is one of the most important commitments. Kids will have complete training and excellent knowledge in sport education, not only for life, but for their future. These are keys to successful people and players in any sport or any project. In addition to that, we instruct players in technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects.

One of the most important benefits of RG Academies is the connection with different clubs in Europe, at all levels. Once a player is ready to jump into Europe’s football world, we ensure best possible options to continue sport education, training and professional growth. Once he is ready to leap to a top club, all the facilities will be implemented by RG Consultant & Sport Solutions to execute the proper impulse.