World Class Legends

RG Consultant & Sport Solutions works with the world’s elite and most important legends of football in the world. Our main business is to organize World – Class Legends matches around the world, representing any top – team, and working mainly with FC Barcelona Legends and Real Madrid CF Legends. We have full capability as well, to represent and organize matches with the first teams from any Major League in Europe, anywhere in the world.

Our biggest challenge is to reach communities that have never been able to enjoy live top – level football matches. We target countries that have never seen a top – footballer or a top – level team in their own countries.

Through football matches we achieve unification of a country; we celebrate sport and we give hope for the future. World – Class Legends has a direct impact on the country. Especially on sport, education and tourism, which leads into a huge impact on the economy of the country.

A big part of the project is to promote the country we work in. Our team organizes video and photo sessions in emblematic locations with our players, so that our followers can travel with us. World – Class Legends are followed by millions of people in social and mass media all around the world. These events boost and promote the countries tourism massively all over the globe. Only one player with a video can reach millions of people in couple of days. A huge increase and generation of tourism is experienced in the country.

RG Consultant & Sport Solutions links sport with education, so our aim with World – Class Legends matches is to direct part of the profits of the match to create an academy in the country. This football academy, managed by RG Consultant & Sport Solutions, scouts kids and youngsters educating, training and finally, leaping them to Europe. It´s very important for us to give special help to children in risk of poverty or coming from low economic profile families with poor resources. This way we give opportunities to everyone. Our long – term goal is to take as many excellent football players to Europe as possible, in the shortest period of time.

The link between sport, education and tourism is more than visible with World – Class Legends. A healthy lifestyle and a global development are assured benefits in the country.

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