Representation of footballers and coaches

Our close bonds with 1st and 2nd league clubs in Europe, allow us to educate our players in a professional way since minute one. We send young footballers from RG Academies directly to professional teams in Europe to continue with their training and growth. The main goal is that our players reach a top-level club in Europe, in the correct period of time, step by step.

We train local coaches from the countries where we set our academies. Coaches reach their maximum level in the country where they come from or where they coach. We want to develop the future of football in these locations starting from their football professionals. RG Consultant & Sport Solutions will represent these coaches after taking our coaching program.

RG Consultant & Sport Solutions will represent all young footballers and local coaches, which have jumped from our academies to the professional football world, at any level. Representation means that RG Consultant & Sport Solutions will be in charge of the contracts of the players, process of their VISA, and all their needs according to accommodation, financial advice, local laws of the countries where they are playing, etc.

For RG Consultant & Sport Solutions, the complete comfort of players and coaches is essential and necessary.